Third Grade Homework

Homework papers, daily planner, and other reference sheets are kept in a folder. Homework assignments should be approximately one half hour of work each night.

Reading Students should be reading daily for approximately 20 minutes, but more is always encouraged.

Math Worksheets from Eureka Math or miscellaneous review worksheets will be handed out nightly, Monday through Thursday, and corrected the next morning.

Basic Math Facts Memorization of basic math facts is most efficiently done at home. When students enter fourth grade, students should have all of the basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division memorized. Continue to work on the facts at home of this skill is not mastered.

Monthly Poems Students will be responsible for memorizing and reciting a poem from the monthly list handed out in class.

Class Assignments Periodically, class assignments will be sent home for completion.

Weekly Envelope Each week your child will bring home an envelope with his or her corrected work and some school correspondence. Please check our school website and make sure you are on Foothill’s listserve so you’ll receive all other important information.


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